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Sick of being stuck in the same box as everyone else? Make the choice and break free! whether you are looking for a slick web site or web mapping application, desktop or mobile GIS Solution We will tailor a solution to your exacting specifications

With GIS, Web, Environmental and Surveying Consultants around Australia and soon to be in the USA, UK and around the world, we have the right people to help you and your business

Our Services

Web Mapping

Do you need an interactive web map? Something simple? Or maybe anything but simple? Whatever you need we can deliver!

Website Design

Looking for a site that will create business, turn heads and be the public connection to you're business or brand?

Environmental Monitoring

One off or long term, manual or automated we can provide the monitoring data you need!

Mobile Data Capture

Need to capture spatially accurate data in the field? Need someone to do it for you? Our people and technology can help.


Are you looking for a way to help your clients or stakeholders visualise data?

Need to help facilitate management decisions through spatial data but want a more dynamic way of helping to visualise the data than a hard copy map?

Web Maps are extremely powerful applications, they can be targeted applications with only a few data layers or they can hold a vast amount data with analysis tools and much more!


Whether you are looking for a site that will draw business, promote events or promote yourself we can help.

Looking for a single page site or a site with hundreds of pages of content, we can help from the planning and design stage through to building and hosting


Do you need a platform for collecting, storing, visualising and analysing environmental monitoring data?

Do you need us to collect the data for you?

Or do you need to automatively and remotely have devices collect data for you in real time and be able to display and analyse this data?

Whatever YOUR needs WE can tailor a solution to not only meet, but exceed your expectations.


Do you need to capture data in the field? Or perhaps you need the data but don't have the time or resources to capture it yourself?

We can build or configure applications and devices to help you capture your data. We can also provide the data, collected by experienced field data collectors with top of the line mobile devices.

Spatial System Architecture

Need help in planning and/or implementing your GIS system deployment? Single or multiple machine deployments, local or hosted we've done it.

3D Data

Cities, buildings, rooms, landscaping.... you name it, it looks better in 3D!

Spatial as a Service

Need spatial data or products but don't have infrastructure or resources? We can take care of everything.

Local Government

We understand that Local governments are unique and that their first priority is providing services to the public. We can help with our range of services targeted at helping you serve your community.


This is often the most over looked part of setting up an enterprise GIS system, unfortunately, it's also one of the most important steps to building a platform that is scalable, sustainable and most importantly fits your current and future requirements!

From helping you decide what software will best suit your requirements to server and device specifications, we can help you make the choices that will keep your organisation running at peak productivity.


Whether its a mine site, a train derailment, landscape architecture or internal building visualisation, OTB Spatial can help you with your 3D needs.
Using state of the art 3D sensors we can map pretty well anything from the inside of a building to the extent of a town or city.
OTB Spatial offers a range of 3D services including:

  • 3D Data Capture
  • Desktop Visualisation
  • Web Visualisations
  • 3D Temporal Modelling

  • Specialisations include:

  • Post Disaster e.g. road washaway, train derailment
  • 3D volumetric analysis e.g mine site usage
  • 3D Flood Modelling

  • From early 2015 OTB Spatial is proud to announce it will be offering a range of lidar services. These will include portable terrestrial 3d lidar scanning, drone based lidar scanning as well as vehicle based capture.


    Never heard the term before? that's fine neither have most people! This is one of our speciality services where we host and manage all your spatial data requirements. It's perfect for when you need spatial data but can't justify having a full spatial team or if you have a short term requirement for spatial information.


    We understand that for local governments worldwide that your community is your focus. That's why we offer a range of services to help you deliver the best services to your community.

    Services that we can offer include:

  • Strategic sessions with your stakeholders to find out what they want and how you can enable them to more effectively and efficiently do their jobs.
  • Preparation of business plans for software or data acquisition
  • Asset Management
  • Hosted services
  • Custom applications focussed on your local governments requirements
  • Mobile data collection
  • Automated environmental monitoring solutions
  • Disaster management and response
  • Community safety and awareness
  • Value adding to currently data using visualisation techniques eg road condition data.

  • Please view our other specialised services as many of these are relevant to local governments.

    We also understand that many local governments are small and don't have the physical or financial resources to manage or provide applications and data services. Contact us to see how we can provide your organisation with all the tools to best serve your community.

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    Current Projects

    We have worked on projects from small business and individuals through to global projects funded by the European Union and the United Nations.
    What doest this mean for you?
    It means that no matter how big or how small, we have the expertise and experience to deliver what YOU need.

    Mount Isa City Council

    Global Ecosystem Monitoring Network

    Winton Shire Council

    Port of Townsville

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